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I've loved "Breakfast at Tiffany's" since I was eleven. It's still my favorite movie actually. Audrey Hepburn is so beautiful. Although the clothes I used for this collage aren't in the style of Audrey, the pictures go really well with the clothes haha.  I used Polyvore for this collage. I used to love Polyvore and I rediscovered it last week. Now I am addicted to it. Again..  
It's already Wednesday and I can't wait until it's weekend! Danny and I will be together for two years on Friday. But we will celebrate it next week with a dinner because he has to work this weekend .. So sad.. 
Have a lovely Wednesday!


2 weeks ago I started working as for as content and community manager. Remember I used to be obsessed with that website! Can't wait to share with you guys all the plans we have for this amazing community! So.. last week we had a lovely lunch at the Ron Gastrobar in Amsterdam with the crew. It was so yummy! And look at the venue .. so gorgeous! We were so lucky because the sun was shining for (I think) the first time that week. As if it was meant to be haha.  
So when you're in Amsterdam, don't miss out on this place! 


Top - Here / Wedges - Here / Nailpolish - Here / Bikinitop - Here / Bikinislip - Here / Pants - Here / Light striped shirt - Here / Dark striped shirt - Here / Jumpsuit - Here / Bag - Here / Lipstick - Here / Light blue shirt - Here / Slippers - Here 

While writing this post the sun is shining so bright! Last week it rained almost every day, so we decided to buy raincoats. Not something you want to buy in spring/summer but oh well.
This week has already been a lot better than last week and I really need to buy new summer essentials, for when the sun will finally (really) shine here in Amsterdam.. I am really excited to share some of my favorite Esprit pieces with you guys. 
Look at the shiny slippers! They are so cute right? Especially when you wear them under a floral dress or white pants. 
As you can see, I am obsessed with the color black (look at our interior, oh my ..). But I always need to add a little color to my outfit. Especially in summer! 
Summer is only a couple of weeks away. I can't wait to go to the beach/park and just lay there all day, doing nothing. 
For now I just have to stay inside, watch Netflix, make our own pizza (somehow it always turns out to be over baked or something haha.), cuddle with Bear and maybe take some pictures of our home. 
We redecorated our house a few days ago (we added some new furniture and decoration) and right now I am so proud of little apartment. It looks so cosy., so I don't see it as a punishment to stay inside and do nothing. 

What are your plans for this summer? 



Moments like these are so important to me. In March we bought Beer (Bear in English haha). He is a pomeranian from Russia. We had to drive almost 3 hours to pick him up and take him home with us. But .. It was all worth it! I think it was by far the best choice we've ever made to add this little munchkin to our growing family. In the first few weeks he had his ' ugly fase '. Het still had a lot of baby hair so he looked so poofy! But after a couple of weeks and a few baths he changed into a full grown pomeranian. He was born in August last year so we didn't really have him as a real puppy.  

We can't make to spend the upcoming years with him! 



So much has happened the past few months (Follow me on Instagram for the latest 'news'). Where to start ...

Well, Danny and I bought a dog! A pomeranian named Beer (Bear in English haha). I have so many pictures of him so I will write a full blogpost about him another time. We are so happy with him! It was a 3-4 hour drive to see him for the first time but it was totally worth it! Even Danny is in love with him and he really doesn't like small dogs at all. 

We also bought a iMac. We always wanted one and now we have one so we're super happy with that as well.

Besides all the big purchases we also went to London and Valencia. It was the first time for Danny to visit London so we of course had to visit all the important points of interests. The Big Ben, Bond Street, London Eye, Tower of London and the Thames. The picture above was also taken in London at the Harry Winston shop in New Bond Street (I think ..). I just loved the flowers! It was so beautiful. 

Of course many other things have happened. I will try to post more regularly. I know this isn't the first time I'm saying but I have to admit, I really do miss writing and taking LOTS and LOTS of pictures. It just has been so hectic the past year.. I hope it will get a little less hectic soon though.