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When we were in Venice one week ago we walked past an Intimissimi store this lingerie set immediately caught my eye. The blue glittery lace looked so beautiful. When we walked in I ofcourse saw more beautiful lingerie sets. Eventually I went home with 2 (after trying on MANY different things), I think, beautiful sets. 

This weekend has been crazy.  and I decided to do some Christmas shopping. Buying presents, new ice skates (to skate at Museumplein here in Amsterdam) and Christmas tree adornments (although we already have too many). We already set up our Christmas tree 1 week ago, before we went to Venice, but in my eyes it is never finished. I think it looks perfect the way it looks now! Finally .. I'm driving ♡ crazy with my Christmas obsession. Well, after our little shopping spree we cleaned up our home and watched Home Alone.

This week our new coffee table (with fire!) and TV cabinet will finally arrive. I can't wait! Upcoming weeks more furniture will arrive, a magazine holder and our wine rack. I probably forgot something because lately I just can't stop buying furniture. It's starting to get a bit annoying haha. I hope I can show you our home soon when everything is finished.

How was your weekend? 


Soo .. Weekend is over (for two days already but oh well) and maybe it's because of the weather but I feel so tired. Last weekend was great. My mom came to visit us and we went out to get lunch and buy some things to decorate our house.
Although we do have everything, the basics, it doesn't really feel like a home just yet. It's just a house with furniture. But we're working on that. Also, Christmas is coming so time to decorate our Christmas tree. 
When we get back from Venice we will probably set up our Christmas tree. I think the beginning of December is perfect. 
I think my new Moschino bag (which came in today), has made this day a little less miserable. 
Now it's time to get some sleep so, sweetdreams! 

These pictures are from weheartit (eirin kristiansen)

A little inspiration for tonight. There are only 3 days left before it's weekend again! And remember .. 



"Get out of my kitchen !!" 

I love spending weekends at our home, watching Gossip Girl and taking loong showers. One of the things I'm probably most grateful of is that I can spend my time with my boyfriend (whom I've known for over 4 years now, we've been together for over 1 year) who is also my best friend. 
Finally our house is starting to feel like home with Issey (our bunny) and our own stuff. 
On days like this I don't mind staying home at all (although we're going out later today haha). ♡ 

" Look at my muscles ..." 


Photocredits to Pinterest.
Better days are coming. They are called Saturday and Sunday.”

It's almost weekend and I already can not wait! No alarm that wakes me up at 7, breakfast in bed, Gossip Girl marathon and cuddle sessions with Issey (our baby bunny, wait til you see her *heart eyes*). We planned to go to a Burger festival in Amsterdam and Danny's mom will visit us on sunday. So it will be a busy but hopefully a fun weekend! But first .. 8 more hours at Westwing to go until my weekend really begins. ♡ I really hope one day I will take pictures as beautiful as the pictures above (the pictures Cath in the City or Eirin Kristiansen take for example). I only don't have the time to take similar pictures .. Maybe one day ;) What are your plans for this weekend?



"Fashions fade, style is eternal." —Yves Saint Laurent

So, time for another throwback. Although many things have happened recently I still have so many pictures/memories to share with you. Maybe I should just skip the recap part now and put everything together in a huge throwback at the end of this year. 
But .. A couple of weeks ago my boyfriend and I had the greatest pleasure to got to Amsterdam Fashion Week and visit Esmay Hijmans's fashionshow. I really had a great evening and we ended at the Krasnapolsky hotel and drunk great cocktails at the Taylor.
Off to next year!