Thuesday mornings.


So, after a lovely vacation in Italy I'm already home for like 3 weeks or so .. I've actually been to school already. I have to admit, my first week has been so hectic. Ofcourse, you meet new people, new lecturers and you get a new schedule so it's normal my first week was hectic. But besides all that it was a great first week. My class is full of lovely classmates who are all so sweet. There are only (I think) 5 Dutch students in my class. Everyone else is from another country , for example Dubai, Greece, Norway, Finland, Germany, Great-Britain, Spain and Aruba (of course there are more..). It's so fun to see all these different 'cultures'. 
For now I just wanted to share some inspirational pictures as it's getting colder and summer is almost over .. I actually still have so many pictures from my vacation to show you guys.. Maybe I'll just put them together in one post. We'll see :) Have a lovely week/day!
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All pictures are from Pinterest or from this lovely blog

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  1. Wauw, prachtige inspiratie <3 En natuurlijk is de eerste week heel hectisch! Ik heb net een volle week stage gelopen en dat was ook even enorm wennen :)