19th birthday

  *I love how beautiful this shirt looks .. So flattering .. And my duckface. Wow.* Sarcasm rises. No idea what I was thinking when my mom took this picture of me haha. 

On sunday 4th October I celebrated my birthday and I was lucky enough I could spent it with the people I love. I have to admit .. I hate my own birthday. Or well, I don't really care about my own birthday. I love going to other peoples birthdays and parties but I don't feel like celebrating my own birthday. When I was younger I loved celebrating my own birthday. Sleepless nights, making wishlists and having family over. But at this point I don't feel like throwing big birthday parties. Am I the only one? Haha :)

These lovely balloons I got from some people from college as an early birthday present. They are so sweet. One week after my birthday they're still in the air. These helium filled foil balloons are huge (more or less 1 meter) so my mom insisted on taking pictures with the balloons haha. That didn't went well as usual, so the best pictures are without my face :)
Right now I'm working on my assignments for school .. Exams are coming up and I have to study so hard. Also, our projects from block A are coming to an end so we need to polish our assignments and projects and stuff. It's exhausting and sometimes a challenge because I am not a native English speaker and we have to work in a groups of 4. But I think we will manage to finish everything on time and hopefully pass all the assignments and exams. At least .. That is our goal for the upcoming 2 weeks haha. :)

For now I leave you guys with some "beautiful" balloon picture. Oh! Have you guys already visited the Victoria's Secret shop in Amsterdam? It's located at the Central Station in Amsterdam (Ij-passage) and it looks lovely! So if you guys are ever in Amsterdam (or at Schiphol), don't forget to pay a visit. And make sure you don not need to catch a train on time because believe me, you will miss the train ;) Soon I will share some of the things I got at Victoria's Secret.♡
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6 comments on "19th birthday"
  1. Happy birthday darling! <3


    1. Thank you gorgeous! X

  2. Haha, geweldige foto's en wat een gave grote ballonnen! Happy birthday!