Right now I should be studying but for some reason everything else seems so much more important and much more fun than studying. Only one more week left with assignments and exams. I'll be finally off next week ..
To keep my blog a little up-to-date (between studying), I wanted to share this video with you guys. The thing is, I have a bunch of pictures to post but I can not find time to actually write something as well as photoshopping the pictures .. Maybe next week I will manage to find enough time to write tons of posts haha. Well, I am obsessed with this song lately. Not only these girls have amazing voices, (Tori Kelly as well) the video is simple but beautiful. Hmm okay, no one can top Tori Kelly but they did a really good job! :)
Besides John Mayers 'All we ever do is say goodbye', this song can be considered as one of my favorites right now as well.
Now back to studying ... :( TTYS (remember Paris Hilton? haha).

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2 comments on "I WAS MADE FOR LOVING YOU .."
  1. Such a beautiful song! So catching :) Thanks for sharing!

    Check out my blog if you want: http://www.theglamandglitter.com

    Tamara xxx

  2. Darling, it’s such a lovely and beautiful post! Can’t wait to see the new one!

    p.s. new post about how I met Victoria Beckham already on my blog

    Diana Cloudlet