In 2012 I started running and working out but since 1 year I stopped working out and running on a daily basis. (Pole) fitness, running, athletics, ballet, hip-hop dance, Yoga. You name it, I've done it. But I was busy with school and work so to me the weekends were really weekends .. I've always wanted to get back to fitness and running but it didn't really work out. I'm so happy I can finally say I have time and my mind is set to it as well. A huge plus haha. When I posted a picture on Snapchat today from my shoes, I received over 17 snapchats from people who really know me with 'Wait what, no heels?!' and 'What have you done with Elke?'. So yes, you can say it's been a looong time since I actually wore running shoes haha.

My Spotify work out playlist♡

My dangerously white running shoes are from Nike. (Obviously ...)

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5 comments on "NO HEELS?!"
  1. Super toffe sneakers!


  2. yes to no heels! love these sneakers x

    Natalie Off Duty

  3. Toffe sneakers hoor! Ik zou willen dat ik vaker hakken kon dragen! Ennuh, wellicht moet ik ook weer gaan hardlopen....Tijd is altijd zo lastig.