MARCH 2016 ...

On a friday Danny and I decided to drive to Paris and go to Disneyland the next morning. So on saturday we (or actually Danny, at that time I didn't have my driver's license yet ..) drove all the way to Disneyland. That day must have been the most exhausting day ever but it was totally worth it! When I look back at all the pictures I wish I could go back now .. 

DECEMBER/JANUARY 2015/2016 ...

So although we went to Disneyland Paris in March, Danny also surprised me with a trip to Paris last New Year's Eve. Paris is always a good idea! Celebrating New Year's in Paris is magical. We spent 3 days in Paris and it was the perfect start for a brand new year, with many amazing things ahead. I can't believe it has already been 8 months ago since we went to Paris .. Timeflies when you're having fun! 
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