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Better days are coming. They are called Saturday and Sunday.”

It's almost weekend and I already can not wait! No alarm that wakes me up at 7, breakfast in bed, Gossip Girl marathon and cuddle sessions with Issey (our baby bunny, wait til you see her *heart eyes*). We planned to go to a Burger festival in Amsterdam and Danny's mom will visit us on sunday. So it will be a busy but hopefully a fun weekend! But first .. 8 more hours at Westwing to go until my weekend really begins. ♡ I really hope one day I will take pictures as beautiful as the pictures above (the pictures Cath in the City or Eirin Kristiansen take for example). I only don't have the time to take similar pictures .. Maybe one day ;) What are your plans for this weekend?

4 comments on "WEEKEND !! "
  1. I love how you edit your photos! Do you mind if ask what filter you use? All the best!


    1. Hi Angie! Sure .. These aren't my pictures but I used Canva.com, To edit my own pictures I never use a filter only lightroom or picmonkey (or only change the brightness, highlights, shadows and contrast) ♡