Soo .. Weekend is over (for two days already but oh well) and maybe it's because of the weather but I feel so tired. Last weekend was great. My mom came to visit us and we went out to get lunch and buy some things to decorate our house.
Although we do have everything, the basics, it doesn't really feel like a home just yet. It's just a house with furniture. But we're working on that. Also, Christmas is coming so time to decorate our Christmas tree. 
When we get back from Venice we will probably set up our Christmas tree. I think the beginning of December is perfect. 
I think my new Moschino bag (which came in today), has made this day a little less miserable. 
Now it's time to get some sleep so, sweetdreams! 

These pictures are from weheartit (eirin kristiansen)

A little inspiration for tonight. There are only 3 days left before it's weekend again! And remember .. 

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