When we were in Venice one week ago we walked past an Intimissimi store this lingerie set immediately caught my eye. The blue glittery lace looked so beautiful. When we walked in I ofcourse saw more beautiful lingerie sets. Eventually I went home with 2 (after trying on MANY different things), I think, beautiful sets. 

This weekend has been crazy.  and I decided to do some Christmas shopping. Buying presents, new ice skates (to skate at Museumplein here in Amsterdam) and Christmas tree adornments (although we already have too many). We already set up our Christmas tree 1 week ago, before we went to Venice, but in my eyes it is never finished. I think it looks perfect the way it looks now! Finally .. I'm driving ♡ crazy with my Christmas obsession. Well, after our little shopping spree we cleaned up our home and watched Home Alone.

This week our new coffee table (with fire!) and TV cabinet will finally arrive. I can't wait! Upcoming weeks more furniture will arrive, a magazine holder and our wine rack. I probably forgot something because lately I just can't stop buying furniture. It's starting to get a bit annoying haha. I hope I can show you our home soon when everything is finished.

How was your weekend? 
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