Dress gold - here / Clutch - here / T-Shirt - here/ Body - here/ Nailpolish - here/ Heels with strap - here / Jumpsuit - here/ Lipstick - here / Skirt - here/ Pumps - here / Watch - here/ Dress Black - here

It's almost Christmas Eve and I already can't wait! This weekend will be a super busy but fun weekend for me and ♡. I am really excited for the Christmas market here in Amsterdam. And .. I still need to buy the perfect Christmas outfit so I wanted to share some of my favorite items. 
I love jumpsuits and dresses so I'm still not sure what I am going to wear. Time is ticking by so I really need to make a decision this weekend. I'm really not good at making decisions so wish me luck haha. The jumpsuit and the black dress are so cute! I also love the golden dress..
But not only the outfit is still a surprise, I also don't know my make up look for Christmas. I love a bold red lip but I know it doesn't look good on me at all. So maybe I should just stick with my boring everyday look. 
I think after writing and reading all this I really need to make time to buy and choose the perfect outfit. Maybe this weekend! ;)

1 comment on "DECISIONS, DECISIONS .. "
  1. Cute as ever.
    I wish you a merry Xmas and a Happy new year honey

    Alice Cerea