This Sunday my and I really had a lazy Sunday. We baked some 'Christmas' cookies, cleaned up our home because yesterday our new furniture came in and we watched a Christmas movie. 
Our Christmas tree really makes our home feel warm and cozy. These pictures show a lot of silver ornaments but we definitely have many black ornaments hanging in our tree as well! 
This month is going to be so busy but I don't mind because it is filled with so many fun things. ♡ and I are going to see the musical The Bodyguard, celebrate new year's and Christmas with my family, go ice skating annddd ... upcoming weekend there will be a Christmas market in Amsterdam. I can't wait. I do have to admit, I would rather stay home than doing all these things. I really don't mind staying home because I just love the way it looks/feels right now and I get to spend time with ♡. 

I don't know why but almost every time I see a deer ornament (in silver), I have to buy it. I think we have 3 deer ornaments hanging in out tree right now, next to many, many other ornaments haha. 
Now it's time to light up our table (if you follow me on Instagram/Instagram stories you may have seen this table already) and watch another Christmas movie. 
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